Nurse Practitioners~vs~The Doctor

What do you think? I had my Aunt to her first Cardiologist doctor in her life. She is 88

We had an appointment to see the doctor. We saw everyone else but him. We saw the nurse who took us back, she told us she was the PA’s (physician’s assistant) Tech nurse.

We go to the room, while the Tech nurse took Auntie’s vital signs and wrote them on a piece of paper. While she  was setting Auntie up to do an EKG another nurse came in and entered all of the information from the little piece of paper into the computer.

The Tech nurse finished the EKG and got Auntie into a gown. In comes the Physician’s Assistant at this point I knew we where not going to see a doctor.

The Physician’s Assistants program at the local trade school is intense to say the least. I don’t have a problem seeing a PA because they are well-educated and do know what their doctor’s want as far as how his office is to be run.

The thing that pisses me off to no end is the fact that “Auntie has to pay a DOCTOR’S charge. Why was Auntie charged for a Doctor’s visit and never seen a doctor.

How much do PA’s make and hour? I know it is not even close to what th DOCTOR makes per hour.

Our hats are off to the hard-working, well-educated, friendly PA’s but I paid to see the DOCTOR!

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