Here’s one that gripes My Butt On Facebook!


I love Facebook, I have many family members to keep in touch with. Lots of post to read, I can shop on Facebook, I can vent on Facebook. I love seeing pictures of far away family members and I love the communication with friends.

But I find those posts on Facebook about things like, ” We are giving away this beautiful brand new Motor Coach”! Just like our page and share this post.

Oh! And how about this one?

How would you like living in this Tiny Little house”?  Just like our page and share this with your friends.  Oh I just found another one, “Like in 3 seconds and you will receive or find money in the next 24 hours”.” Comment Amen and share or it won’t work”!

But when I click on the last one mentioned and  the entity that posted it, I find “Corpse Circus”,  an advertising Facebook page full of weird things to buy. Well I think they are weird, some others may not. I find it repulsive for this particular page to use AMEN to get you to go to their page considering it’s all about dead things.

The first one I saw was the Motor Coach! I remember how my heart skipped a beat while my spirit soared. We love to go Rving with our 2004 mobile coach. At just 27 feet it has a lot to offer us. It gets us away from reality for a while. I could just see myself vacationing in the one they are giving away. So sad!

I just was so excited, man I’m gonna do just what they say. I could really win this. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I see many of my family members who, (like me at first) follow these instructions in the hopes (that is the word, hopes) they will really win this thing. I wish they would click on the link to where it comes from. Then and only then they will find out that…

It’s all this stuff!  poop-emoji-vector-clipart

Oh by the way “If you like my post, leave a comment,and share it with others”, and follow me”. “You will instantly win 10 lbs of bullshit”.  Hahahahaha just kidding, have a wonderful day.


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