Why Do I Write?

I don’t consider myself as someone who writes. I have wanted to write, I tried a blog years ago with no inspiration or understanding of what I was doing. I want to write. I wish I could write articles of interest. I don’t have a whole lot of interestes in my life.

I feel like there is something inside that wants to come out, I have no idea what. How does one find inspiration to write? I hope my words will reach someone and make them happy, make them want to read my words. Why would anyone be interested iin my words?

I have started writing maybe because I can now. I don’t know what that means yet hope to find out. I write because it makes me think. It makes me wonder what if but I can’t come up with the final answer to that question.

I want a sucessful blog or website address, I write because I want others to write back to me.

Hey Thanks a lot for reading


5 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Hey, I found that at most honest and it just connects with your reader. I too started my blog hoping for a like and still wishing for its fame. So I know how it feels like to be eager to see a like and Better off a comment. So here it is. I wish you the best in the future and always be honest. Don’t follow the trend of blogging what others do but be yourself. Simply. Take care.
    Idealize was here…๐Ÿ’


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