Things I Wish

winter-scenes-10I wish I could be here to see what choices my great grand baby will make for her future. Will she follow her Momma into Psychology or will it be something else.

I wish I could take me and my sister to England. She loves the Royal Family, it started with Princess Dianna. She Loves Princess Dianna’s grandchildren as they were her own.

I wish I would have been more of a “Parent” to my son. When I hear someone say “you’re not your child’s friend”.” You’re their parent”,” act that way”, I just cringe because they’re right. My Son says “no mom”, “we would’ve fought throughout my whole time growing up”. Maybe he is right because we are true friends today.

I wish I would win a lot of money.

I wish I had a bathroom downstairs in this old farmhouse

I wish I had 50 acres of land completely fenced in so I could rescue the cats and dogs. Make homes for them and let them run free. I wish if I had this land, I would have the strength to maintain it.

I wish I had the strength to pack up this old farmhouse, sell it, and live in a double wide with 2 baths.

I wish the people of our United States would come together with hope for our future as a nation.

I wish the liberals would please stop with the negativity and let the people rest.

I wish I wasn’t so lax when taking care of my health. I can’t get away and stay away from sugar.

I wish I could get my blog to more people and not be afraid of loosing money.

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