Hey? Yahoo? Where’s All My Stuff?

default_htm_txt_mailboxYahoo you’ve been my mailbox for over 20 years.  You’re not there anymore. Verizon bought your mailing lists and all of my personal information. I feel like someone moved My House!

Well that’s how I feel right now. you’ve disconnected my account because of something that went wrong ‘on your end’. You’re not forwarding my mail any more. Do you have any Idea how many times I’ve dropped you name in 20 years. You have no real   conception of how devastated I’ve become.

Yahoo was my window to the world of people who have part of my ADLs  (Activities of Daily Living). Everywhere I shop had your forwarding address on it. Where I bank had your forwarding address on it. Where I socialize and where I blog had your forwarding address on it

But since the buy out with Verizon, and the second hacking news you have disappeared into cyber space leaving me without an identity or a forwarding address.

Like most other people I used my Yahoo account to log into every website I visited in the course of the day. I can’t get into my accounts online to make the necessary change in my email. I can’t use ‘forgot password’ because I can’t open my email in Yahoo. I no longer have access to my mail account,. I can feel the anxiety building as I write this. Is this identity theft? Who stole it? Hackers or Yahoo for just shutting me down without giving me notice to do something about my inbox full of emails.

I contacted my internet provider Verizon with my troubles. They were nice to deal with, I didn’t have to say, ‘ I’m sorry could you repeat that please’. I spent a little over an hour with Verizon and in the end I had all of my passwords that were stored in Chrome accidently deleted by the agent helping me. I seen her check that box to clear cache files and I screamed at my monitor display. ‘No! Then they were gone. It was through Verizon that I found out that my email had been Disconnected. I could almost cry when I write those words.

I’ve hit a brick wall and I have to find a way around it. Or over it. I guess I’ve got to open new accounts each time with a new email address. Not to mention my family who know me as Yahoo.com.

Thanks for stopping by

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