The First Day Of Hunting Doe Mountain 1988

bw_stencils_fullsize_deerMonday November 28th, 1988

Well the first day is done! Hubby got a 3 pt at 8 AM. He only fired one time, instant kill, clean shot, just what we want.

I missed a large  6 or 8 pt maybe more. Beautiful rack. I think he was still in rut because 1. He was with a large breeder doe which I find out of the ordinary for the time of year. 2. What was he doing down so low on the mountain, never have I seen a deer that large anywhere but up high on this mountain, and, 3. He never lowered his head, normally a buck will travel with his antlers lowered, trying to hide them. But during rut he holds his antlers high trying to show his ability.

We saw two other doe, one heading for the pines and 1 down where I fired at the 8 pt. Most activity before 11 AM.

Not much went right for me after I missed that buck.  I tracked him 3/4 of the way up to the highest ridge then after marking the blood where I fired.

I had to go find Terry on the mountain , so I went back down. I found him and he wanted to go right back up. So we did.

We never did find him, I don’t think I hit him very good, just a graze. We lost the blood way up near the top of the mountain.

The terrain near the top is dangerous. I walked on the sides of my feet because it’s all rock and downed trees covered with leaves and the rocks are loose. The area here is straight up!

Later on I dropped and broke the new thermos, I lost my orange hat but I found it again.

The ride home is quiet and I’m falling asleep.






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