I Heard The Cutest Story The Other Day,



It goes something like this.  After Marie’s dad died it was just her and her mother. Marie watched over her mother for many many years. Now Marie is in her 50’s and her mom is in her late 80’s

Faithfully for 30 years or more Marie’s mom (Nancy) entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes in the hope of it being her turn one day. She would get her snail mail and sort out the Sweepstakes entry or entries from PCH.  She took the time to follow every single rule to the letter. She know that if she made a mistake, her entry would be thrown out. She spent hours going through all of the advertising. There were hidden stamps in there somewhere and damn straight she would find each one and put it where it belonged on the entry sheet.

Well to make a longer story short, Marie came out from her room in the house one day and there sat Nancy waiting at the front door. Marie says, mom what are you doing? You never get dressed when you have nowhere to go!, we hang in P.J’s.

Nancy was in full make-up, hair styled, nicest pants suit she had, her panty hose and her medium high heels. Her coat was draped over her arm as she sat there waiting. Marie still can’t get over the fact that her 80 something mom still ‘dons’ her heels.

“Mom?” Maria said smartly, “What are you doing sitting here like this? Are you alright?”And this is the punch line….get ready, it’s something ya can’t make up.

Nancy replied,” well today is the day that Publishers Clearing House will be at someone’s house to give away millions of dollars. I just know they’re coming here, I can feel it in my bones!” I’m going to win the millions this time, just like those people on TV. If they can do it I can too. I made sure every entry was completed to the “T”!

When I heard this story, my heart fell a little.  She still had hope 30 some years later, with a mind that is 80 something years old. God love her.


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