Retirees Working Online! Scary and Exciting.

doingwhatyouloveIn my heart I have wanted to make extra money online. I quietly tried  one about 10 years ago. I paid over 2000.00 for training materials that made me so confused. There were notebooks and paperback books and of course the disc that came with it. I didn’t want my hubby to know what I was doing because he would not agree. At this time in my quest to make money online, my Hubby was dead set against any of it. Didn’t want to talk about anything like that.

So here I am at age 72 and Hubby age 69. I don’t feel that I have changed in wanting my dream but still had no guidance as to how to start, who to work with, how to work with what I wanted to do and above all Who to trust.

Until one day while searching home-based employment. I started looking for work online. Surveys, Surveys ,Surveys, reading email,watching videos and tv programs and commercials, mystery shopping and product display.  Because I was looking around for work my email account filled up with so many offers to work with them, I would just delete them all. Also my phone was always ringing wanting to know if I still wanted to work online. At that time I worried that Hubby would be curious as to why all the calls. “I would tell him I was looking around to do something and make a little money online “. His answer was always the same. ” I don’t know why you bother with that stuff, none of it works.”

Until the 23rd of October of this year, I was introduced to a business and coaches and team members that are there when I need them. Which is a lot.

But the main and most wonderful thing happened, I introduced this new business to Hubby and he thought we could look into it to see what it is all about. It wasn’t going to be something I would be doing myself, it was going to be something he could do with me.

My heart has been rejuvenated and so has my dream all because Hubby has accepted that we CAN DO THIS. We have lessons to read and homework to do. Webinars to watch and lotsa questions to write down for our coach.

The moral of this little story is; never give up, even it you keep the dream filed way in the back of your heart silently bringing it to mind every so often to get the “high” of  imagining yourself in the dream.

We are retired, have been for a few years now with not a whole lot to do but tinker around the house inside and out. Watch TV, and play on the computer spending money on games that, honestly I got nothing out of but tokens or the chance to go on to the next level.

That is all about to change, with the help of our coaches and team members we will succeed. We are not looking to be millionaires but if it should happen that all good too.

I will let you know how we do.

Maybe you could let me know what you are doing if anything online. If you are working online or starting your own business, I wish for you prosperity and happiness.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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