Hello to you out there looking in here! . I don’t like talking about me. There is nothing interesting, nothing exciting, nothing outstanding in my features, and I’m round.

I did achieved my goal in life though. When I was a little girl someone asked me,”what do you want to be when you grow up”? My answer was always the same, “I want to be a Mommy”.

My son is my greatest and only life achievement. I don’t need anything more, money,fame,recognition,degrees or letters behing my name. My recognition came from my son’s pictures that hung on the refrigerator. His teacher ask the class to draw a picture of their mom. My son drew me at the washing machine. I love it!

I’m female, married with one son, one grand baby (she’s 30), one Great-Grand-baby (she’s one). I’m retired have been for ten years. I’ve had many types of jobs in my life, not careers, jobs. There is a big difference between the two.

Some things really tick me off. So I thought I would write about some of them.