I Heard The Cutest Story The Other Day,



It goes something like this.  After Marie’s dad died it was just her and her mother. Marie watched over her mother for many many years. Now Marie is in her 50’s and her mom is in her late 80’s

Faithfully for 30 years or more Marie’s mom (Nancy) entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes in the hope of it being her turn one day. She would get her snail mail and sort out the Sweepstakes entry or entries from PCH.  She took the time to follow every single rule to the letter. She know that if she made a mistake, her entry would be thrown out. She spent hours going through all of the advertising. There were hidden stamps in there somewhere and damn straight she would find each one and put it where it belonged on the entry sheet.

Well to make a longer story short, Marie came out from her room in the house one day and there sat Nancy waiting at the front door. Marie says, mom what are you doing? You never get dressed when you have nowhere to go!, we hang in P.J’s.

Nancy was in full make-up, hair styled, nicest pants suit she had, her panty hose and her medium high heels. Her coat was draped over her arm as she sat there waiting. Marie still can’t get over the fact that her 80 something mom still ‘dons’ her heels.

“Mom?” Maria said smartly, “What are you doing sitting here like this? Are you alright?”And this is the punch line….get ready, it’s something ya can’t make up.

Nancy replied,” well today is the day that Publishers Clearing House will be at someone’s house to give away millions of dollars. I just know they’re coming here, I can feel it in my bones!” I’m going to win the millions this time, just like those people on TV. If they can do it I can too. I made sure every entry was completed to the “T”!

When I heard this story, my heart fell a little.  She still had hope 30 some years later, with a mind that is 80 something years old. God love her.


I Was Just Thinking…


3cbc755979712ac8bf3f7170b920550c--emoji-faces-smiley-facesI like to play the games on “Facebook Gameroom”, I downloaded it to my desktop.

One of my most favorite game to play is “Poker Fortune”. The icons in the game are sometimes annoying but they can get a message across to another player. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
Anyway, there are players that take ‘F-O-R-E-V-E-R’ to make a decision about what they are going to do next before the game drops them. To be honest with ya, even I get a little annoyed.

Then I got to thinking…..I wonder why they take so long sometimes, what are they doing on the other side of space? Are they in the P.J’s or dressed. Are the in a hospital bed or wheelchair maybe?

How do they communicate with me? Do they type using their fingers or do they have to use some sort of instrument to make a decision about their next move? Some players like to play in the game room, but for some reason they are slow.

So I was thinking, I should be more tolerant with these players and not get so stressed if they don’t move on.


Have you heard of the window Tax?

Have you heard of the window Tax?

Windows! Yep! The window tax was a property tax based on the number of windows in a house. It was a significant social, cultural, and architectural force in England, France, Ireland and Scotland during the 18th and 19th centuries. This tax was considered a “Property Tax”. We never had this tax in the U.S. That’s a blessing, we have enough taxes here.

How much was the window tax on houses back then? When the window tax was introduced, it consisted of two parts: a flat-rate house tax of 2 shillings per house, and a variable tax for the number of windows above ten windows. Properties with between ten and twenty windows paid an extra four shillings and those above twenty windows paid an extra eight shillings.

A shilling was worth 12 pennies so if I had ten windows in my house back then I would have to pay $1.20 for the windows and a flat rate of $.24 for the house. My tax for the year would be $1.44. That amount of money back in the 18th and 19th centuries not easy to come by.  The poor people boarded up all of their windows. The sun never shined through their windows into the house.

Is this when Rickets started? Yep, it started in the 17th century and was not eradicated until the researchers of the time found that sunlight was a cure for Rickets. Nowadays we know that vitamin D will keep people from getting rickets. But sunlight is the least expensive way to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

The tax was introduced in England and Wales to cover the money lost because of Money Clipping. Back in the day coins were made of pure silver and pure gold. These metals are a soft metal and could be shaved off around the edges and no one would be the wiser. These pieces were then melted down into bars and sold to goldsmiths to do with whatever they pleased.











People bricked or boarded up their windows to save money for necessities in their daily activities.

In England and Wales, it was introduced in 1696 and was repealed in 1851, 156 years after first being introduced.

Never Count On Tomorrow, (final post)


January 8th,1987

It has been a while since she last had time to write, and when she did she really didn’t feel like it.

Christmas has been over for a while now and she finally took the tree down. She left it up as long as she could, she knew it would be the last one that she would remember for the rest of her life. She needed the space where the tree was standing for cartons of personal items she had already packed. She never fully decorated the house for Christmas this year, she just didn’t have the heart. She felt accomplished with the fact she got the tree up at all.

She paid a rent referral service $90.00 to help her find another place to live. Her spirits rose when the referral service called with a place to look at. I need 3 bedrooms this place had two and was $400.00 a month plus. Well that one didn’t work out.

Everyone is still working in their own private areas of packing up their individual possessions.

It’s been 18 days since she was told she had to move her family. What will she get into today. She packed her clothes from the bedroom making sure to keep boxes separate  from her hubby s’. She still has to do the kitchen. She hates to pack pot and pans and stuff that don’t fit into boxes neatly.

She worked in the basement for quite a while. She couldn’t stay in one room for too long it was just too much to handle sometimes.

Wed. January 14th,

She has been deeply depressed for a few days now crying more and more while trying not to upset the family. Especially her son. She will miss her very best friend who used to live with them for a little while. She loves this girl like a daughter. Her friend is strong when she needs to be, but I know she has a soft heart.

She felt that the burden of finding a home for everyone was completely with her. She can’t let go of this place long enough to hit the streets to find another. Her family has been keeping their distance, giving her room to breathe. The tears are returning more and more often. It’s so hard for her to stop them sometimes.

Sun. January 31 st

She hasn’t written in a while, she has been so tied up with finding a home. She has 30 days from today to get the family relocated. She still has no idea where it will be. Nothing will compare to what she is leaving behind. But she has to keep up the faith that she will find something for the 5 family members.

There has been a drawback to every call she’s made. Up until now no-one will accept pets, not enough bedrooms, rooms are too small in ratio to rental price. Security deposits for everything including leaving fingerprints on the doorknobs.

Fri. February 13th

It’s been 53 days since she has been packing and hitting the streets to find the family a suitable house. She calls it a ‘House’ because whatever and wherever it will be it won’t be a home. Her life as she knew it is over. She has decided to leave this home in great condition. For a long time she has had periods of total anger at having  to move her family, it was during these times she decided to leave everything she couldn’t take and let the ‘cock-roach’ of a landlord deal with it. But fortunately those times were far and few between and she decided to leave it in good and clean condition. She did take everything from the home even the curtain rod hooks and the light bulbs in the ceilings, that was her anger speaking again.

On this day she found the family a suitable place to live. It’s an old farmhouse with 3 bedrooms up and a full bath. Living room, dining room,kitchen and full pantry and 1/2 bath downstairs.The stairways leading to the second floor were pie wedged shape and ‘nothing big’ could go up that way. All of the furniture had to be  taken up a ladder to the second floor where there was a window especially made for taking large things up stairs. Her hubby and son must love her a whole lot to climb that ladder carrying heavy furniture. To this day she still can’t believe they did it. Her thoughts went to getting it all back out if they had to move again.

She still has 17 days left and she is not looking forward to leaving. She paid $2,175 to get into the new place. There was no refrigerator so that was $700. She is not complaining because she knows there are some people who wouldn’t have enough money to make a move like this.

She never really moved in, she had boxes and boxes of stuff that she never put out in the new place. The rent was $800.00 and that didn’t include water/sewage, oil every month, and electric, just to name a few. Her old rent was $250.00 per month all inclusive.

She was able to keep the family together at the new place for about 3 years at which time she and hubby moved 200 miles away to the mountains. That’s when her depression really got bad. She left her family behind and her yearning for them was great.But that is another story.

She is so please she had the forethought to keep a journal from the beginning of her downward spiral.

She truly hopes she has not offended anyone by writing this post, these are her thoughts and she likes them.

Thank you if you are reading this and God bless.

Never Count On Tomorrow (post 1)


Thursday Jan, 1, 1987

It’s 7 AM, New Years Day. The holidays are over for the time being.

They were successful during rifle season in the mountains of Pa this year. Getting venison sure saves on grocery bills.

The lives of her family are totally scarred by the manner she has been asked to vacate the premises. they’ve rented this house for 10 years . They’ve made lasting friends in the area. But the house was sold and will be turned into apartments.

Just one fine day on December 22nd she answered the phone to find her new landlord on the other end, he wanted to tell her” you have 60 days in which you must remove all personal property from your home”.

She cried off and on for a long while that day. She had to tell the family we have to move through no fault of our own. She told the family and friends she had living with her, “if you see me crying please don’t acknowledge it”.

She had to find another place to live. The rent she paid was $250 a month and all places even close to what she had is over $800 not counting utilities and oil.

Her mind goes and goes. Thinking of everything and nothing.She hurts inside, she yearns for another Christmas and New Year here. But she knows this is not possible.

Today she starting to clean out drawers and closets.

We are all holding up pretty good I think. But she worries  all the time about where we’re they are going to live.

Christmas was the best this year. The family members were as close to being one unit as they’ll ever be.

The First Day Of Hunting Doe Mountain 1988

bw_stencils_fullsize_deerMonday November 28th, 1988

Well the first day is done! Hubby got a 3 pt at 8 AM. He only fired one time, instant kill, clean shot, just what we want.

I missed a large  6 or 8 pt maybe more. Beautiful rack. I think he was still in rut because 1. He was with a large breeder doe which I find out of the ordinary for the time of year. 2. What was he doing down so low on the mountain, never have I seen a deer that large anywhere but up high on this mountain, and, 3. He never lowered his head, normally a buck will travel with his antlers lowered, trying to hide them. But during rut he holds his antlers high trying to show his ability.

We saw two other doe, one heading for the pines and 1 down where I fired at the 8 pt. Most activity before 11 AM.

Not much went right for me after I missed that buck.  I tracked him 3/4 of the way up to the highest ridge then after marking the blood where I fired.

I had to go find Terry on the mountain , so I went back down. I found him and he wanted to go right back up. So we did.

We never did find him, I don’t think I hit him very good, just a graze. We lost the blood way up near the top of the mountain.

The terrain near the top is dangerous. I walked on the sides of my feet because it’s all rock and downed trees covered with leaves and the rocks are loose. The area here is straight up!

Later on I dropped and broke the new thermos, I lost my orange hat but I found it again.

The ride home is quiet and I’m falling asleep.





Daily Prompt “Gone” Writing Exercise


Gone are the days of dancing,

Gone are the days of looking to the future,

Gone are the motorcycle rides on the mountain roads in the forest,

Gone are the days of partying till dawn,

Gone are the yearly New Years Eve parties where I laughed till I peed,

Gone is the 9 ft. tournament pool table that many friends found relaxing,

Gone from the house in Hulmeville,

Gone was a wonderful way of life,

Gone are the days of form-fitting clothes,

Gone are the days of a full head of hair,

Gone are the days of having hair any where,

Gone are the days of running any where,

Gone are the days of Pink Floyd,

Gone are the days of being 70.