“Float” Just A Little Bathroom Humor

dda797b6b78624ac31a79461777bde3dI live in a farmhouse that, when researching, I took the deed back to 1863 and lost it. We have a hole in the ground out the kitchen side of the house, and another hole in the ground on the living room side of the house.

I jokingly tell my family, “the water comes out of the hole in the ground out the kitchen side of the house, and goes through the house and comes out and goes into a hole in the ground on the living room side”. They don’t understand at first, then they say “Okay, we get it you have a well and a cesspool”.

There is a pump in the rock foundation cellar that draws the water out of the hole out the kitchen side, (the well) and holds it in a tank until we need it, (holding tank).

The problem that I’ve had with this system is that if the FLOAT in the toilet gets stuck and we are not aware of it right away, the pump will keep pumping the water out of the well,  into the tank on the toilet then out the living room side of the house into the hole in the ground (the cesspool). Most people have septic tanks, our house came with a cesspool.

When this happens the hole out the living room side of the house fills up completely and waters the a section of the yard. Then I have to call the honey-dippers to come and get all of the water out along with all the other goodies in there. ;-).

How could something as little as the FLOAT in the tank on my toilet cause me so much frustration and embarrassment. Someday when I hit the lottery (hahaha) I plan on getting it fixed properly. Thank the Lord it doesn’t happen often, we are forever putting new guts in the toilet including a new FLOAT!


Where I Like To Write

I like to write sitting at my desktop but that is not always possible. Right now I’m able to write at my desktop because hubby and his Aunt Theresa are off running errands downtown.

Aunt T has been with us since October 18th. She’s recovering from Pancreatitis and Gall stones. She just turned 88.  So there is a hospital bed about 30 feet from my desktop, the sound on the TV is riveting, the dogs are demanding to go out, it’s almost time to start lunch or dinner for everyone and I’ve got a load of clothes going in the washer. But for right now I can enjoy writing this article without interruptions from second party needs.

493ss_thinkstock_rf_photo_of_senior_woman_using_laptop_in_bedAll of this  means I like to write at my desktop, but I do the bulk of my writing in bed when the day is done using my laptop. Aunt T is snuggled in her bed. She needs nothing but sleep. Hubby is asleep snoring through his nose cannula and not needing anything more for the day. The dogs are snuggled as close to me as they can get without disturbing my laptop and the TV is tuned into FOX News just in case something happens in the world I don’t want to miss.