Abandoned Little Girls Bike!

8512d3661e77fb4f5fa60c5e213735e0Me and Aunt Theresa went to the Kmart store in Williamsport Pa. yesterday. We took the back way into the store because of traffic on Third Street. That’s when I saw a little girls pink bicycle laying on its side in a pile of dead leaves and rubbish.

I can’t seem to get the image out of my mind. The more it pops up in my head the more I want to find out what happened to the little girl who left it there or why she would just drop it there.

It’s a little bicycle, something an eight or nine year old would ride. So I’m thinking why would a child of that age be in the area of the bicycle. My imagination is running amuck!

Sometimes, not all the time, I get sensations from something I see. I’m not getting good sensations from this image.

Here it is a day later and I’m still questioning why, what happened to her and when.

I called the Williamsport Police Department and told them about the bike. I said “I don’t know if we have any missing children in Williamsport”. “It just seems odd that the little girls bike would be where it is”. They said they would look into it.

I probably will never find out what the story is with the little girl’s bike. I just pray it is a mistake that it was left there. Maybe someone stole it from her house and left it there. Okay for now that is what I will think because it’s the easiest for me to be satisfied with.

I returned to Kmart today with Aunt Theresa and I went in the back way even though the traffic was light. Aunt Theresa looked at me and said “you’re going to see if that girl’s bike is still there aren’t you?” “I’m just curious”, I said. The bike was gone and now I wonder if the Williamsport Police took it or what.

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Where I Like To Write

I like to write sitting at my desktop but that is not always possible. Right now I’m able to write at my desktop because hubby and his Aunt Theresa are off running errands downtown.

Aunt T has been with us since October 18th. She’s recovering from Pancreatitis and Gall stones. She just turned 88.  So there is a hospital bed about 30 feet from my desktop, the sound on the TV is riveting, the dogs are demanding to go out, it’s almost time to start lunch or dinner for everyone and I’ve got a load of clothes going in the washer. But for right now I can enjoy writing this article without interruptions from second party needs.

493ss_thinkstock_rf_photo_of_senior_woman_using_laptop_in_bedAll of this  means I like to write at my desktop, but I do the bulk of my writing in bed when the day is done using my laptop. Aunt T is snuggled in her bed. She needs nothing but sleep. Hubby is asleep snoring through his nose cannula and not needing anything more for the day. The dogs are snuggled as close to me as they can get without disturbing my laptop and the TV is tuned into FOX News just in case something happens in the world I don’t want to miss.

I’m not As obsessed as I Was!


I’ve resigned myself to the fact I’ve lost my Yahoo identity.  I’m locked out of Facebook I’m assuming it’s due to security. I have no problem with that. They have to keep the accounts of each one of us secure.

It took some doing to get my email changed. First ‘THERE IS NO WAY TO TALK TO A HUMAN BEING AT YAHOO’. Every freaking  phone number associated with Yahoo has been disconnected. “Hey just like my emails”.

I gave up on getting the email address back. I have a Gmail set up for my blogging. But Yahoo and Facebook wouldn’t send me information to Gmail to reset my password or change primary email at Yahoo. They didn’t recognize my gmail. In retrospect I’m kinda glad they wouldn’t. It shows me how high their security wall is. When I can get reunited with family and friends on Facebook that security is going to feel really good.

We figured “Yahoo must still be there because hubby still had his Yahoo account”. He logged out of his account and from that page I could create a new account that both Yahoo and Facebook could  recognize.

I’ve settled down quite a bit. I’m not as obsessed with how to fix what happened. I Had to let it go. Of course I’ll be changing primary emails and passwords for quite some time.

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Hey? Yahoo? Where’s All My Stuff?

default_htm_txt_mailboxYahoo you’ve been my mailbox for over 20 years.  You’re not there anymore. Verizon bought your mailing lists and all of my personal information. I feel like someone moved My House!

Well that’s how I feel right now. you’ve disconnected my account because of something that went wrong ‘on your end’. You’re not forwarding my mail any more. Do you have any Idea how many times I’ve dropped you name in 20 years. You have no real   conception of how devastated I’ve become.

Yahoo was my window to the world of people who have part of my ADLs  (Activities of Daily Living). Everywhere I shop had your forwarding address on it. Where I bank had your forwarding address on it. Where I socialize and where I blog had your forwarding address on it

But since the buy out with Verizon, and the second hacking news you have disappeared into cyber space leaving me without an identity or a forwarding address.

Like most other people I used my Yahoo account to log into every website I visited in the course of the day. I can’t get into my accounts online to make the necessary change in my email. I can’t use ‘forgot password’ because I can’t open my email in Yahoo. I no longer have access to my mail account,. I can feel the anxiety building as I write this. Is this identity theft? Who stole it? Hackers or Yahoo for just shutting me down without giving me notice to do something about my inbox full of emails.

I contacted my internet provider Verizon with my troubles. They were nice to deal with, I didn’t have to say, ‘ I’m sorry could you repeat that please’. I spent a little over an hour with Verizon and in the end I had all of my passwords that were stored in Chrome accidently deleted by the agent helping me. I seen her check that box to clear cache files and I screamed at my monitor display. ‘No! Then they were gone. It was through Verizon that I found out that my email had been Disconnected. I could almost cry when I write those words.

I’ve hit a brick wall and I have to find a way around it. Or over it. I guess I’ve got to open new accounts each time with a new email address. Not to mention my family who know me as Yahoo.com.

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Things I Wish

winter-scenes-10I wish I could be here to see what choices my great grand baby will make for her future. Will she follow her Momma into Psychology or will it be something else.

I wish I could take me and my sister to England. She loves the Royal Family, it started with Princess Dianna. She Loves Princess Dianna’s grandchildren as they were her own.

I wish I would have been more of a “Parent” to my son. When I hear someone say “you’re not your child’s friend”.” You’re their parent”,” act that way”, I just cringe because they’re right. My Son says “no mom”, “we would’ve fought throughout my whole time growing up”. Maybe he is right because we are true friends today.

I wish I would win a lot of money.

I wish I had a bathroom downstairs in this old farmhouse

I wish I had 50 acres of land completely fenced in so I could rescue the cats and dogs. Make homes for them and let them run free. I wish if I had this land, I would have the strength to maintain it.

I wish I had the strength to pack up this old farmhouse, sell it, and live in a double wide with 2 baths.

I wish the people of our United States would come together with hope for our future as a nation.

I wish the liberals would please stop with the negativity and let the people rest.

I wish I wasn’t so lax when taking care of my health. I can’t get away and stay away from sugar.

I wish I could get my blog to more people and not be afraid of loosing money.

Why Do I Write?

I don’t consider myself as someone who writes. I have wanted to write, I tried a blog years ago with no inspiration or understanding of what I was doing. I want to write. I wish I could write articles of interest. I don’t have a whole lot of interestes in my life.

I feel like there is something inside that wants to come out, I have no idea what. How does one find inspiration to write? I hope my words will reach someone and make them happy, make them want to read my words. Why would anyone be interested iin my words?

I have started writing maybe because I can now. I don’t know what that means yet hope to find out. I write because it makes me think. It makes me wonder what if but I can’t come up with the final answer to that question.

I want a sucessful blog or website address, I write because I want others to write back to me.

Hey Thanks a lot for reading


Pop Singers won’t sing!

Who gives a rats ass whether or not certain ‘pop artists’ refuse to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Do they think President-elect Donald Trump is going to lose sleep over this.

Bells and whistles are not what President-elect Donald Trump are about. Mr. Trump has many more issues to face on a daily basis than whether some singer will or will not play at his inauguration. He will be sworn in with his hand on the Bible. He will take the following Oath before entering his Execution of his Office. “I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The current President swore his Oath of his Office on the Qur’an placed over top of our Bible.

obama koran

There are many out there who believe President-elect Trump is a bigot. A bigot is a closed-minded person, one who is hostile towards different social groups like racial or religious groups. One whose own beliefs are perceived as narrow-minded. To tag Mr. Trump with this term is also Bigotry if you stop to think about it.

This man didn’t have to run for President of our United States, he was doing just fine with his life as a successful businessman. He has given up a lot in his pursue of the Presidency and all he wants to do is help the people of the United States. He wants to make the people of America great again within their own skin. For the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone would believe he is not for the betterment of our people.

Get a grip ‘pop-artists’, my life is not about whether you will ‘sing’ at the inauguration of Mr. Trump. My life is about hope for our country. Just Sayin!