“Fishing” This is how I like to do it!

The act of pulling something out from something. Fishing for fish, fishing for answers, fishing for the right item in a sale bin, fishing for the mate to one of my mismatched socks. There are more ways to use this word than I can shake a stick at.                                 sam_0375                    sam_0373

The act of catching fish is the one I like best

I’ve been retired for 10 years, I went out when I was 62 and continued to work for about 5 years. Hubby has been retired for 2 years, when he went out he went out all the way. No more work for him.

So we decided to take a little bit of our retirement money and buy us a class three Recreation Vehicle. It isn’t brand new it’s a o4 Fourwinds 5000, but it is clean. We did a few small things to it to make it more like home.

sam_0389  We take it to Sarasota Florida once a year. We go at the end of June through July 4th. People tell us we’re nuts because it’s the hottest time down there. All of the ‘SnowBirds’ have flown north by then, which gives us lotsa space. Sarasota is the biggest and longest time away. We can only afford one far away trip, and that ones takes use a whole day to master. We don’t fish much in Florida, too many alligators for my liking and fishing from the surf is not my thing either. We did take a charter out with many other people. It was a good time but not long enough.


After we recoup from Florida in more ways than one, we like to take a couple  of short trips right in our home state of Pennsylvania. We like to go north towards the Finger Lakes. We usually go after Labor Day because again we have the place pretty much to ourself.

Here is one of the places we like to fish up north in Meadville, Pennsylvania. We fish for whatever takes the bait, mostly Bass. So relaxing to sit on my outdoor chair, have my fishing line in the water and my Kindle Fire with a good book.


The only part of this trip that ticks me off is that Hubby always catches more fish than me. And he never lets me forget it.